The I-95 Cup

The I-95 Cup

WHY THE I95 Cup?

As a face-off midfielder, ever wonder what area of the country produces the best?

Ever read about face-off guys from other areas and wish you could go against them?

There are plenty of individual tournaments out there where individual players are crowned champions,

but what area has the overall best??


The I-95 Cup is not your ordinary face-off tournament.

It’s the ultimate challenge to see which AREA of the country has the most talented face-off midfielders.

The top players from 4 different areas will meet for a 1 day tournament at Underamour Headquarters in an intense, never before seen style tournament.


Highlights by East Coast Dyes

The CHAMPS – Team New York



Team Maryland
Chase Mullins
Nick Rowlett
Nick Capannelli
Michael Crawford
Mark Kelm
Hunter Wills
Tucker Hall
Connor Ryan
Team Jersey
Corbin Minard
Ethan Cronk
Sam Uva
Nicholas Ramsey
ANDREA fiorenza
Dane Armstrong
Cameron Hollander
Team PA
Michael Ott
Ryan Dickson
Jake McCarthy
Bridget McCarthy
Luke Wierman
Matthew Brock
Zachary Cole
Andrew Albertson
Michael Sisselberger
Team New York
Will Kirshner
Ethan Kriss
Christian LoCasto
Nicholas Papagalis
Matthew Constantinides




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