The Faceoff Academy Daily Training Program

This is a simple program that works hand and hand with your FOA draw day and combine training with your coaches.  We recommend you download the FOApp from the Apple App store.  This will give you a randomized cadence on your whistles to help train your reaction as well as video playback to help you self correct mechanical issues.  We also recommend doing this program with your REPS trainer ( in order to train the specific muscles used for faceoffs giving you an edge on your nervous system output and overall hand speed.  

Focus on quality not quantity, this program should be done with focus on maximal speed and technical efficiency on each rep and should be completed within 30 minutes.  


FOA Daily Training Program:

Blood flow: 1 x 10 seconds

  • Chops

Mobility: 1 x 5

  • Side bends 
  • twists

Snaps: 1 x 5 With a visualized cadence followed by 1 x 5 with a whistle

  • Quick Clamp
  • Power Clamp
  • Plunger

Screw Drill: 1 x 5 

  • Offensive exit
  • Back door exit
  • defensive exit 
  • TTL (Through the legs)

Movement Sets: 1 x 5 With a visualized cadence followed by 1 x 5 with a whistle

Knee Down

  • Pinch n Pop
  • Backdoor
  • TTL
  • Defensive Draw

SNG (Standing Neutral Grip)

  • Quick Rake
  • Pinch n Pop
  • Fish Hook 


Brand New! Video Coach 2.0

Facing off with the Pros with the NEW 2015/2016 rules and techniques. In this DVD The Faceoff Academy goes over:

- Warm Up - Stance - Moves - Wing Play
- Counters - Live Drills/Hand Speed Drills

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