FOA Master Class

FOA Master Class

A 4-part Comprehensive FaceOff teaching series hosted on Zoom featuring Greg Gurenlian & Jerry Ragonese.  These sessions are aimed at lacrosse coaches of all levels looking to better understand the position, how to manage it while progressing their FaceOff men.  

Session 1:  Managing your FO unit

  • Practice planning
  • Depth chart
  • Ego and in season game planning 

Session 2: Standing Neutral Grip   

  • Stance
  • Warmup
  • Offensive Moves
  • Defensive Moves

Session 3:  Wing Play

  • Pre/Post Whistle line ups
  • Standard Base sets
  • Premeditated Plays 
  • Counter sets

Session 4: Knee Down Technique

  • Stance
  • Warmup 
  • 1st and 2nd move
  • 50/50 Ball
  • Exit Strategies
  • Counters

Brand New! Video Coach 2.0

Facing off with the Pros with the NEW 2015/2016 rules and techniques. In this DVD The Faceoff Academy goes over:

- Warm Up - Stance - Moves - Wing Play
- Counters - Live Drills/Hand Speed Drills

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