FOA Master Class


FOA Master Class

A 4-part Comprehensive FaceOff teaching series hosted on Zoom featuring Greg Gurenlian & Jerry Ragonese.  These sessions are aimed at lacrosse coaches of all levels looking to better understand the position, how to manage it while progressing their FaceOff men.  This class will be offered FREE of charge by our coaches and will incorporate the following session themes:

Sunday May 24th 6pm-7pm ET

Session 1:  Managing your FO unit

  • Practice planning
  • Depth chart
  • Ego and in season game planning 

Sunday May 31st 6pm-7pm ET

Session 2:  Knee Down Technique

  • Stance
  • Warmup 
  • 1st and 2nd move
  • 50/50 Ball
  • Exit Strategies
  • Counters

Sunday June 7th 6pm-7pm ET

Session 3: Standing Neutral Grip Technique

  • Stance
  • Warmup
  • Offensive Moves
  • Defensive Moves

Sunday June 14th 6pm-7pm ET

Session 4:  Wing Play

  • Pre/Post Whistle line ups
  • Standard Base sets
  • Premeditated Plays 
  • Counter sets

Brand New! Video Coach 2.0

Facing off with the Pros with the NEW 2015/2016 rules and techniques. In this DVD The Faceoff Academy goes over:

- Warm Up - Stance - Moves - Wing Play
- Counters - Live Drills/Hand Speed Drills

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