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Setting yourself up for success includes having the very best nutrition and supplementation. It is imperative that our athletes have access to supplements that are safe, legal and effective. AdvoCare products are formulated by an elite group of scientists and medical advisory board with over 250 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics.

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FOA Athletes: Nutrition and supplementation are crucial to performing at the highest level. In order to be faster, stronger and more competitive, your body needs the right supplements. You need energy, strength and quick recovery to be able to work hard each day and improve your technique and athletic ability. AdvoCare products address these crucial areas. Depending on your level, training and desired goals, review the FOA Packs below and click on the link above to determine what is right for you.

FOA Starter Pack: This includes the basics to provide you with energy and nutrients. These products are great for everyday use, particularly before and after training, practice and games.

FOA Beast Pack: This is Greg Gurenlian’s customized pack he uses every day. Not only does this provide energy and nutrients, but also helps to generate/maintain muscle mass and promotes fast recovery.

FOA Muscle Gain Pack: This includes the essentials for gaining muscle and mass.

FOA Energy & Hydration Pack: This provides the energy you need for training, practice and games and the re-hydration you need during and after physical activity.

FOA Parents: It is important to be a role model for your children and live a healthy and positive lifestyle. The dedication from parents of student athletes is incredible and inspiring, but takes a lot of time and energy. AdvoCare products help you stay focused and give you an energy boost when you need it. Jump start your weight loss and begin a healthier lifestyle with the 24-Day Challenge.

FOA Parent Pack: This includes the basics for a parent of an active athlete. These products will provide you with a quick and easy way to energize and a healthy alternative for snacks/meals on the go.

FOA Parent 24-Day Challenge: The 24-Day Challenge begins with a 10 Day Cleanse that clears your body of toxins and prepares it for optimal nutrient absorption. During the cleanse phase, you will begin to see weight loss. Over the final 14 days, you will see your body composition change and your energy level will increase. You will feel the difference!

Brand New! Video Coach 2.0

Facing off with the Pros with the NEW 2015/2016 rules and techniques. In this DVD The Faceoff Academy goes over:

- Warm Up - Stance - Moves - Wing Play
- Counters - Live Drills/Hand Speed Drills

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