Faceoff Academy Services

Youth and High School Events (Rising 4th – College Athletes)

The Faceoff Academy Combines focus on teaching the basics of faceoff position in great detail and providing elite knowledge and skill sets for our players. This will be followed by live reps as well as a knockout style tournament play at the stripe. The Combine training will also be the guideline for who will be invited to the National Recruiting Showcase.

Draw Day

Athletes need to be able to put their skills to the test in a practice environment in order to be able to refine themselves. This is where Draw Day comes in, 1.5 hour sessions that provide a solid dynamic faceoff warm up followed by live faceoffs with a referee cadence. The players get to rotate and faceoff against different opponents throughout the session and technique analysis is provided via critique by the coaches in between reps. It’s a great weekly way to get ready for games or to just try some new skills out.

National Showcase

The most Elite level training Combines designed specifically for recruiting purposes. At our National Showcase, players are asked to demonstrate their abilities via bio and film or are recommended by coaches in order to register. These participants are brought in for a 2 day event that will be coached not only by the Faceoff Academy staff but also collegiate coaches who were brought in to assess talent as well. Because these events are such a big deal, we treat them as such. Every athlete is given a special edition numbered uniform, is entered into a recruiting profile booklet, and is filmed for recruiting purposes. Our player profile booklet is sent to schools at every division all over the country. A college coach of our choosing is brought in to provide a Q&A for players and parents alike that helps describe and explain the recruiting process as well as what it means to be a collegiate student athlete. Day 1 will be an intense training combine and day 2 will be a competitive head to head knockout tournament officiated by professional referees.

VIP Session Training

The VIP Session is a separate, small group, first come, first serve training session.  Held the hour before almost every draw day and event that we hold.  We focus on detailed stance and technique work.  Every movement drill is recorded with video and studied amongst the group in session.  After the event all athletes are sent the videos to study and improve on their own.  In order to schedule a VIP session simply email the FOA coach of your choosing with the date(s) you are interested!

Greg: FOABeast@gmail.com

Trevor: FOABaptiste9@gmail.com 

Jerry: FOARagonese@gmail.com

Jake: FOAWithers@gmail.com

Brendan: FOAFowler@gmail.com

Anthony: FOATrain@gmail.com

Chris: FOAMattes@gmail.com

The I-95 Cup

As a FOAthlete, do you ever sit back and wonder what area of the country produces the best? Ever read about FO Men from other areas and wish you could go against them?

Thanks to YouTube and social media, we live in a world where you can see and hear about different FOAthletes from all over the country on a regular basis. Back in the day, the only time you ever heard about players from different areas might’ve been at a random summer lacrosse camp or in a magazine.

So who has the best? New York? Maryland? Philly? There are individual tournaments out there such as the FOA National Showcase, where individual players are crowned champions, but what area has the overall majority of talented FOAthletes?

The I-95 Cup is not your ordinary FaceOff tournament. It’s the ultimate challenge to see which AREA of the country has the most talented FOAthletes. The top 10 players from 8 different areas will meet for a 1 day tournament in an intense, never before seen style tournament.

FREE Coaches Clinic

The FOA loves to educate.  We want to spread our knowledge to coaches and officials to help improve the overall quality of the position and the game.  We like to run free coaches clinics before some of our events to help educated coaches so that they can reinforce our values and techniques to the athletes after we leave. We also encourage coaches to come to a Draw Day or Event to observe our coaching and training styles.

1 on 1 Phone Consultations

Information is paramount and it’s hard to get REAL information out there regarding what is best for your son when it comes to where to spend your hard earned money.  In an effort to help organize our time and focus our attention on you we have designed a consulting program. Consultations give you up to 30 minutes of undivided attention with one of our coaches.  This 30 minutes is completely yours to ask the FOA Coaches any questions or get any advice you need in order to help you and your FOAthlete. To schedule this opportunity, please contact the coach of your choice or email faceoffacademyinfo@gmail.com to discuss further.

Brand New! Video Coach 2.0

Facing off with the Pros with the NEW 2015/2016 rules and techniques. In this DVD The Faceoff Academy goes over:

- Warm Up - Stance - Moves - Wing Play
- Counters - Live Drills/Hand Speed Drills

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