The I-95 Cup

The I-95 Cup

I-95 Cup Game Plan

2:30 – Teams Arrive at Underamour Campus

3:00 – Underamour Campus Tour

4:00 – Team Workout – Coach Jay Dryer

5:00 – Team Dinner

6:30 – I-95 Cup Championship


The i95 Cup is the world’s only team based FaceOff tournament.  With Maryland, Philly, NY & NJ competing, this event was originally designed as the ultimate annual grudge match between hotbeds.  This year’s event will feature 8-man teams that will compete in a wrestling style round robin tournament.  Semifinal seedings will then be made based on how many FO wins each team earns throughout the round robin.  


No personalized stats, no MVP, this is the one event that is ALL about team and hometown bragging rights. 



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