The I-95 Cup

  3rd Annual I-95 Cup details are coming soon… 

As a face-off midfielder, ever wonder what area of the country produces the best? Ever read about face-off guys from other areas and wish you could go against them?

There are plenty of individual tournaments out there where individual players are crowned champions, but what area has the overall best??

The I-95 Cup is not your ordinary face-off tournament. It’s the ultimate challenge to see which AREA of the country has the most talented face-off midfielders. The top 7 players from 8 different areas will meet for a 1 day tournament in an intense, never before seen style tournament.

So who is choosing these teams?

Anybody familiar with the face-off position has heard of the Face-Off Academy and their coaches. Greg Gurenlian, Chris Mattes, Jerry Ragonese, Brendan Fowler, Anthony Kelly, Ben Williams, Jake Withers and Mike Gurenlian are constantly traveling the country working with face-off athletes. When they are not on the road, all 8 have set up training combines where they live. All 8 FOA coaches will represent and coach their respective AREAS at the I-95 Cup.


Well how is this tournament going to work??

Each team will have to play each other once in order to determine playoff seedings. When a matchup between 2 areas has started, it’s a 7 round best of 7 face-offs. At the start of each round, there will be a coin toss. The losing team has to send out their first face-off guy. This gives the other team an opportunity to see who they are sending and the coach of that team will choose who will face him.

For example, New York is playing Philadelphia in the first round of the day. New York loses the coin toss and therefore has to send out their first face-off guy. Philadelphia sees who they are sending and sends out somebody. Let’s say the New York player wins his best of 7 with a score of 4-2. Because the NY player won, he is automatically awarded 3 extra points. Therefore the final score is 7-2. This score then gets reported to the scorekeeper, and Philly then has to send out their next player for the 2nd matchup. Whoever loses that next matchup will have to send out the next player, and vice-versa until all 7 players have faced each other. Whatever team has the most points at the end of the 7 face-off battles will win. This format continues until every team has played every team.

How do we crown a winner?

After all 8 teams have played each other, the total points that each team scored in every matchup will be counted and the 4 teams with the highest points (total faceoff wins) will make the playoffs.

In the playoffs, the #1 seed will play the #4 seed, and the #2 seed will play the #3. The winners will play in the championship and the losers will fight for 3rd place.

Again, this is NOT an individual tournament; only 1 team will walk out winners! This is strictly for bragging rights until the next I-95 Cup!

In order to play for the I-95 Cup you must be a current high school student. Anybody in the 2018-2021 grades have the opportunity to try out and be a part of history. Please e-mail if you have questions.


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