The Faceoff Academy Daily Training Program

Every Athlete needs a daily training routine. We have updated the daily training exercises that we at The FaceOff Academy use so our FOAthletes and Coaches everywhere and at every level have a program that helps them ADAPT and DOMINATE. This routine is what the Pros of The FOA coaching staff use every single day in order to get better. for our MLL and international seasons. Now GO FORWARD!

CHOPS 2 x 10 seconds


(10 reps with visualized cadence) (10 reps with Whistle)
•Quick Clamp
•Power Clamp (Hands Only)

Ape Walks 1 x 5


Screw Drill 1 x 5

(start in screw position, First whistle go, second whistle self pop)
•Counter Clockwise


(10 reps with visualized cadence) (10 reps with Whistle)
•Pinch & Pop
•Plunger Back Door
•Defensive Draw
•Power Clamp and Pull
•Fish Hook

Varied Pops

(10 reps with visualized cadence) (10 reps with Whistle)
Any move the player wants while randomizing between Self Pop and Space Pops.

Wing Pops

(10 reps with visualized cadence) (10 reps with Whistle)
Practicing popping ball out to different areas of both the Draw side and Non-Draw Side wings.
Every Rep needs to be game speed. Every rep needs to be done like it’s the last rep of your life. That’s how you get better. That’s how you increase your nervous system response and your hand speed.
Reps with whistle, Leave ball down on the line and say “down and set………” then vary the whistle cadence after set.

Additional Situation Training:

Tripod GB

(Coach drops ball in an area and player must tripod over it, boxing out coach and scoop. He can either Scoop through, Or “Rake Scoop” it.
Live Draws with parameters

1 on 1 vs the Counter moves:

Player A: Pinch & Pop
Player B: Fish Hook
Player A: Power Clamp
Player B: Jam (with shaft)
Player A: Quick rake and stand to stop break
Player B: Defensive Draw

There should be one designated Long Pole on each roster to FaceOff vs the FOAthletes in order to help them prepare vs a Pole.

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- Warm Up - Stance - Moves - Wing Play
- Counters - Live Drills/Hand Speed Drills

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